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Administrative Services
The Administrative Services department provides operational, administrative, and financial leadership and support to city management, City Council, and city employees. The department is comprised of three divisions consisting of:
  • Accounting and Procurement
  • Finance and Revenue
  • Technology Services

Each division has a manager and it is the director’s responsibility to ensure that all of the divisions function efficiently and effectively.

Administrative Services Director
The administrative services director is the chief financial officer of the organization. The director is appointed by, and answers directly to, the city manager, and functions as a member of the manager’s administrative staff.

The director identifies funding for operations, as well as special projects for the entire organization.

Accounting & Procurement
The Accounting & Procurement Division, aims to safeguard city assets; check accuracy and reliability of data; report financial information timely; promote operational efficiency, effectiveness, and economy; and encourage adherence to the city charter, administrative and personnel code, and individual policies and procedures. The City’s annual budget development/process is included as well.  The adopted budget is a reflection of the priorities and goals of the city’s elected officials, a map for anticipated revenues and expected expenditures and capital improvements for the upcoming fiscal year.

Finance & Revenue
The Finance & Revenue Division assists in the allocation of public resources to meet the service, program, and facility needs and expectations of the community, as determined by the mayor and council, in accordance with federal / state / local statutes.

The division develops information that demonstrates the impact of decisions on the city’s financial policies and the city’s goal of maintaining a high level of quality services.

Utility (Sewer) Billing
Utility (sewer) billing is a function of the Finance & Revenue division. Staff is committed to providing professional and quality customer service to utility customers. Questions and concerns regarding your utility bill or customer service issues can be submitted online by completing a Utility Billing Concern form

Technology Services
The Technology Services Division's five employees support over 600 users in 30 different locations. Responsibilities include:
  • Network and server administration
  • Maintenance and replacement of personal computers (PC), laptops, and printers
  • Coordination of computer training
  • Assistance with common PC applications, as well as the city's other more specialized software applications
  • Website development
  • City's Avaya phone system

Contact Us
Administrative Services Director Tom Mahoney

Tom Mahoney
Administrative Services Director

1100 Frederick Ave.
St. Joseph, MO 64501

Ph: 816-271-5526


Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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