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Adoption Information
Adoption Application and Worksheet
Please access this website to see our adoptable pets.

Alterations & Vaccines
All dogs and cats adopted from the shelter are spayed or neutered and have their vaccinations begun before going to their new homes. Prices for these services vary with the species, sex, and size of the animal.

Adoption Fees
For more information click on animal adoption.

Adoption Protocol:
  • Animals available will have a positive disposition towards people and other animals.
  • Applicants must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Applicants who provide conflicting or inconsistent information or who misrepresent information on the adoption application or during the interview will not be considered for adoption.
  • Applicants cannot:
    • Have a documented history of animal abuse or neglect.
    • Use the animal for experimental or research purposes.
    • Adopt an animal for another person who has been refused and adoption.
    • Have a documented history of animal abandonment including an animal being impounded at the shelter and not reclaimed.
    • Have a history of surrendering an animal to a facility for reasons which may be considered irresponsible pet ownership (too many animals, refusal or inability to afford sterilization, etc.).
    • Have a history whose animal has recently died of an infectious disease or unknown cause deemed suspicious, or who has failed to seek reasonable veterinary care for a sick animal.
    • Adopt a small mammal such as a rabbit or guinea pig to use for eating or breeding purposes
    • Reside in a rental  property in which the landlord does not allow pets

In order to alleviate several individuals wanting to adopt the same animal at the same time, animals will be made available to a person based on submission of the adoption application to Animal Control and Rescue for that specific animal. Please access this website to see our adoptable pets. The animal in question will be made available for adoption by the first APPROVED application that was submitted for that pet.  If the first adoption application is declined, the next application will be evaluated and so on until and application is approved and the animal is adopted.  An Adoption Application can be filled out for an animal during a hold period or when it is already available.  If an application is completed for an animal that is being held as a stray or pending a case, the approved applicant will be notified when the animal becomes available for adoption.  Approved applications that were not linked to an adoption will be held for six months from the date approved.

Once the animal become available, the first approved applicant will be phoned from the number left on the application. If we are unable to reach the application and they do not return our call within 24 hours, we will move on to the next approved applicant.