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Missouri Theater

Photo of the Missouri Theater exteriorGrand Opening
The time was 6:30 p.m., June 25, 1927. St. Joseph, Missouri citizens, factory workers, packing plant employees, professionals, arrived in Model T Fords, Stanley Steamers, Pierce Arrows, or hurried on foot up the sidewalk to the seventh block of Edmond Street for the gala opening of the city's $1 million, 1,200 seat movie palace. The air was electric with excitement...

Over 90 years have passed since the historic Missouri Theater lifted the curtain on its premier movie Rough House Rosie. Citizens from every walk of life lined Edmond Street to see one of the city's most glorious pieces of architecture.

After paying their $.25 admission, guests were astounded at the theater's intricate beauty. The silent film showing that evening must have paled in comparison to the theater's plush seats, ornate chandelier, and exquisite plaster work. Though silent films are long past for the theater, this sense of awe returns each time a local theater group, national performer, or arts program takes its stage.

History of the Theater
Designed by Boller Brothers, the Missouri Theater's unique structure was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1979. While movie palaces across the country were being torn down to make room for contemporary structures, the citizens of St. Joseph refused to allow destruction of one of the country's few examples of Hollywood-Oriental style.

A $1.9 million renovation project, designed by St. Joseph based Ellison-Auxier Architects, Inc., began in September 2001 and was completed in March 2002. Fresh carpet, repaired plaster, cleaned seat upholstery, and remodeled dressing rooms were among the scheduled projects. Upgraded lighting and sound systems also contribute to visitors' enjoyment.

Funding for the restorations came from the 1998 Capital Improvement Sales Tax, a five year, half cent sales tax.

The Missouri Theater is ADA compliant with accommodations. Recently updated with a new sound system and t-coil installation, the Missouri Theater provides an enjoyable atmosphere for everyone.

To view more information and purchase tickets to events, please visit the Allied Arts Council Missouri Theater website. View the theater's seating chart.

Web Ticket Poster - Christmas Chateau.jpg

Red Carpet Movie Premiere - Christmas at the Chateau - Dec. 21-23, 2018
The first ever red carpet movie premiere is scheduled as a special gift, just in time for Christmas!  On December 21-23 celebrate St. Joseph's very own Christmas tale with a new movie filmed right here in St. Joseph with local actresses Kinsey Redmond and Ashlyn Ford,  over 200 local movie extras, and scenes filmed at local settings. 

Christmas at the Chateau is holding its first premiere exclusively at the historic Missouri Theater!  Our great city is showcased in this beautiful movie with scenes at various historic landmarks. 

To ensure everyone can watch this movie before it hits the theaters and DVD, five screenings are scheduled over three days.  Each screening event provides a different opportunity including; meeting the cast and crew, sneak peak behind the scene, a "movie-themed" scavenger hunt at film locations, and more.  With tickets priced between $5-$30, there are seats for everyone. 

Christmas at the Chateau is a Hallmark-style romantic comedy, filled with family fun, laughter and drama.  Hopeless romantic Brooke Phipps and her two sisters must save their beloved family mansion turned bed & breakfast, the Shakespeare Chateau, before a corrupt bank forecloses on Christmas Day.  Things get hilariously difficult and romantic when Brooke falls in love with one of the bankers. 

Get your tickets today and join us at the Missouri Theater to see the people and places you know in a movie filmed right here in our town!

To purchase your tickets, navigate to:

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Reserve the Theater

The Missouri Theater may be reserved for your special event.  Please contact Kathy Brock at (816) 271-4717 or at for more information.

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