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Sponsorship Information
Pony Express Bike Station Sponsors

Mark Reynolds Fund - Visitors Center Station

Mosaic Life Care - Coleman Hawkins Park Station

Family of Pete and Staci Gray - Remington Nature Center Station

Tigers Den - Buchanan County Courthouse Station

Sponsorship Information

Sponsorship allows an organization to fund a Pony Express Bike station located in proximity to their business or a designated high visibility market locations. Your organization can support bike share by providing property for a station, or supporting the installation of a station in a public location. 

How it works
Sponsors wishing to participate in the bike share program purchase an initial system to be installed at a designated location or in some instances, at their location. Riders or “borrowers” borrow a bicycle from the rack on the honor system returning the bike to one of the designated bike racks around the city. Sponsorship renewal will be annually.

Bike Share is a major win for your business. Each station is used as a marketing tool with potential to support several trips a day connecting businesses and customers. Sponsorship signage will be displayed on the racks and on bicycle baskets.

Sponsorship Costs
Initial commitment

•Full Rack: $2,000 - Includes six bicycles and an 8 ft bicycle rack ready for installation.

•Half Rack: $1,000 – Includes 3 bicycles and a 4 ft rack ready for installation

Annual Renewal:.
•Full Rack: $1,000 - Includes maintenance and replacement of new bicycles for a full rack

•Half Rack: $500 – Includes maintenance and replacement of new bicycles for a half rack