Utility (Sewer) Billing

The city of St. Joseph collects sewer payments for both residential and commercial customers.

Outside City Limits

Sewer customers in sewer districts outside the city limits are billed a different rate than city residents.

Country Club Village

Country Club Village began processing sewer in April of 2013, with the first billing in May. Funds flow through the City of St. Joseph as the contracted billing agent for Country Club Village.

Where Can I Pay My Bill?

Payments for your sewer bill can be made by mail, in person or online.

  • Mail payments to City of St. Joseph Utility Billing, P.O. Box 411458, Kansas City, MO 64141.
  • In person at City Hall, 1100 Frederick Avenue, at Customer Service, in Room 101A or authorized payment locations.
  • Online payments may be made by clicking the ONLINE PAYMENTS tab below.